Combine AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead with Universal Pictures’ Neighbors 2 and you get a couple of suburban guys unsure of what to do when they discover their neighbor is a flesh-eating zombie. Of course, when the suburban guys are Seth Rogen and Zac Efron, the result is pretty funny.

Here’s the 90-second digital version:


Production Company: Bacon & Sons Film Co.

Executive Producers: Dan Appel & Rob Knox

Director: Ira Rosensweig

Network: AMC

SVP, client solutions and integrated marketing, AMC: Melissa Wasserman

SVP, brand creative, AMC: Geoff Whelan

VP, production, brand creative, AMC: Geoff Addeo

VP, Client Solutions and Integrated Marketing AMC: Elain Waldman

Creative Director, brand creative, AMC: Jacqui Busséy

Project Manager, brand creative, AMC: Kevin Howard

Director, production, brand creative, AMC: Chris Formidoni

Manager, client solutions and integrated marketing, AMC: Kirstyn Peterson

Client: Universal Pictures

SVP, integrated marketing, Universal Pictures: Annah Zafrani

Creative Director, integrated marketing, Universal Pictures: Todd MacMillan

Manager, integrated marketing, Universal Pictures: Dana Buckley

Point Grey Pictures


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