​In this promo for the season 23 premiere of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, Black Label Content takes the cast dancing across America.

Dancing With The Stars premiered on Monday, Sept. 12, which ended up being about even with its fall 2015 debut when the national ratings came in. What differentiated this year’s premiere from any other is that two audience members rushed cast member and disgraced Olympics swimmer Ryan Lochte, while six women in the audience cheered them on. Lochte became a controversial figure this summer after he lied about being held up at gun point in Rio. He’s been banned from international swimming competitions for 10 months as a result of the incident.

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Agency: Black Label Content

Joseph Uliano: Founder/Executive Creative Director

Shane Valdes: Director/Creative Director

Norm Reiss: Producer

Stephen Sheridan: Director of Photography

Patrick Lumb: Art Director

Nikki Shannon Fernandez: Project Manager

Choreography, Dancing With The Stars: Mandy Moore

Client: ABC Entertainment

Jill Gershman: VP of Comedy & Alternative Series

Bob Schefferine: VP of Production

Christina Karaba: Creative Director

Justin Seremet: Writer/Producer

Chris O’Hara: Director of Production

Sandy Christmas: Associate Director, Special Projects & Production

Meg Tyra: Sr. Manager of Production

Dan Tucker: Associate Producer

Steve Burch: Sr. Manager, post-production finishing

Chase Kopecky: Editor

Stephen Kuns: Coloring

Christine Sparks: Manager of Production


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