Mulder and Scully began their investigations into the paranormal 24 years ago, and now they come to the rescue of Max and Leroy in FX’s crossover promo for Ghosted.

In a nod to the X-Files anniversary, the spot expertly mashes together scenes from both shows, playing the serious natures of Mulder and Scully against the lighter tone of Max and Leroy as they call for backup to help the duo escape bullets and explosions.

Ghosted stars Adam Scott as Max Jennifer, a true believer of the strange and unusual who’s convinced his wife was abducted by aliens, and skeptic Craig Robinson as Leroy Wright, who thinks people who believe in aliens are nuts. They are recruited by The Bureau Underground to investigate paranormal activity in Los Angeles, and embark on a quest that just might save mankind.

Sound familiar?

The truth is out there.

Ghosted premieres October 1 on Fox.


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