While Investigation Discovery’s informal mascot, “Swipey,” thinks he and his fingerprint buddies should just swipe all of ID’s true-crime content, his smarter friend knows better: viewers can just go to the network’s streaming app, ID Go, to watch all the true crime their hearts desire.


Network: Investigation Discovery

Senior Writer/Producer: Melinda Doyle

Vice President Marketing: Jennifer Pennybacker

Sr. Director, Marketing Production: Kyle Russell

Project Manager, Marketing Strategy: Allison Novak

Vice President, Digital Media & Retention: Jamele Polk

SVP & GM: Michael Bishara

SVP Marketing: Doug Seybert

Agency: Fogomotion

Executive Producer: Footy

Creative Director: Jeff Strong

Art Director: Garth Superville

Head of Editorial: Dave Gorrie

Senior Editor: Daniel McNeill

Senior Project Manager: AnChi Laster

Sound Designer: Takoma Media - Richard Humphries


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