To promote its new line of of kids’ merch, Jell-O Play, launched in late June, the gelatin brand teamed with DreamWorksTV to create The Jell-O Wobz, a short-form series that’s airing on DreamWorksTV’s YouTube channel and on Amazon Prime Video.

The six-episode series tries to teach kids the lesson of embracing the imperfections of both themselves and of others. Characters start with the just-made Bucket, who escapes the bucket in which he was accidentally made and gathers some random objects — paperclip, marshmallow, chocolate chips, beet — on his way to Jell-O Junction, where he meets the rest of the gang: Meg, Nigel and Walter.

Also available on DreamWorksTV Jell-O Wobz channel is Food Hacks for Kids, which, among other things, shows kids how to make their favorite Wobz characters.


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