Dr. Phil McGraw gave Station Summit attendees a multi-point strategy on how to be the “star of their own lives” in a Wednesday morning keynote speech in Las Vegas.

McGraw is the star of both his own life and CBS Television Distribution’s top-rated talk show, Dr. Phil, now in its 15th season.

“I want to give everybody here an edge,” McGraw said. “I want you to leave here with something today that you did not have when you got here.”

McGraw commenced the session by asking attendees to write down the following date: 6/21/18 – one year from Wednesday.

“One year from today I want you to remember me standing on this stage telling you to write this down. One year from today your life is going to be better or worse than it is today. It is not going to be the same – you’ll be happier or sadder, fatter or skinnier, married or divorced,” he said. “A big part of why it’s better or worse will because of the choices you make between now and this day next year. And here’s the problem with that: you cannot not choose. Now that you’ve heard me say it, you’re screwed.”

And then McGraw, a master of promotion, teased his talk’s big theme: “What if, in fact, you are a powerful change agent? What if, in fact, you have the strength, the power and the influence to begin living your life in such a way that in a short time you can create things in way that there is a good deal of difference in your existence? Would you want to know how?”

McGraw laid the groundwork by asking attendees to think seriously about whom they consider themselves to be and how they present themselves: “I want you to think about how you got to be who you are as you sit in that chair this very second? How you got to be who you are as you sit in that chair right now? How did you get to be you? Why did you choose this way of being in the world? We all make mistakes and what you project to the world dictates how it responds to you.”

The flip side of not knowing yourself and how you present yourself to the world is being considered a “second-class citizen,” said McGraw.

“To know who you are, you have to know your personal truth, what you at the uncensored core of your being have come to believe about yourself,” he said. “I believe we generate the results we believe we deserve. If you think you are a second-class citizen, you will generate second-class results for you, your staff, your children, everybody.”

Moreover, most people spend most of their lives just letting things run their course, said McGraw. They don’t try – or don’t know – that they can take control of their choices and circumstances.

To avoid that result, McGraw encouraged attendees to consider three things: the 10 defining moments that have occurred in their lives, the seven critical choices they have made and the five pivotal people who have most influenced them, whether for good or bad.

Once you know these things, you can determine “why you do what you do, and why you don’t do what you don’t do,” said McGraw. “Have you ever sat down and figured out why you do the things you do? It gives you an incredible edge over yourself and the rest of the world.”

Taking the time to consider those moments, decisions, people and questions laid the foundation for McGraw’s roadmap to success.

“I want you to star in your own life and people who star in their own lives have the following traits and characteristics in common:

1. “They have vision. They are clear and specific about what they want. You’ve got to name it to claim it. Here’s what success is in my life. Here’s what that looks like, feels like, smells like.”

2. “They have a strategy. They don’t get up and react to life, they have a specific strategy. They understand the difference between a dream and a goal; they have a timeline.”

3. “They take action and put verbs in their sentences. They power up towards a known outcome. They behave their way to success. Winners do things losers do not want to do. You have to be committed and do what it takes to have what you want.”

4. “They take risks; they don’t live in a comfort zone. They are willing to ask for what they want and do what they think is right.”

5. “They deal in the truth.”

6. “There’s not a lone wolf among them. People who star in their own lives create a nucleus, a supporting cast, a group of people who want them to succeed. They get rid of toxic people; they get them out of their lives. I’m not going to have people around me that are toxic and try to bring me down. You don’t have to like me but if you don’t, go somewhere else.”

7. “They have passion. These people that star in their own lives have passion and it is contagious. Create a world where everyone wins, everyone gets excited, everyone feels a purpose. Bored people are boring. Passionate people are exciting and that’s what forms a nucleus. People bond heart to heart not head to head. You need to find something that you are excited about in your life and if you don’t, you are burning daylight.”

“One year from now, I want people to say ‘I got a wake-up call from Dr. Phil one year ago,’” said McGraw. “Let’s don’t be victims, let’s be victors and do what we need to do to make a change.”

[Images courtesy of Cashman Photo/Ken Israelson]


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