CBS is paying homage to a simple and charming spot from 1966 with its 2017 on-air holiday campaign, the network said Monday.

In the 1966 spot, designed by iconic illustrator and animator R. O. Blechman and animated by Willis Pyle, birds are sweetly singing in a tree until a would-be tree-cutter comes sauntering up. But instead of chopping the tree down, as seems to be his intention, he joins in the song.

In the first, a group of birds snugly sheltered in birdhouses peep out (if peeps sound like French horns and bassoons) the notes to “Jingle Bells.”

In the next, a mamma bear takes pity on a shivering squirrel, although not enough pity that she deigns to knit.

Meanwhile, the cold means nothing to a hungry moose, other than that he’s got some new decorations to show off.

And finally, a crow’s simple curiosity saves a whole string of lights.

“Part of CBS’ longtime leadership in graphic design was our series of animated Holiday Greetings, dating back to the 1960s,” said George Schweitzer, president, CBS Marketing Group, in a statement. “We thought it would be a good time to celebrate that past and take a step into the future. Our team has done a terrific job doing just that!”

CBS Marketing Group joined forces with Swedish design firm Brikk and Anchor Point animation.


CBS Marketing Group

President: George Schweitzer

Executive Vice President: Garen VandeBeek

Senior Vice President, On-Air Promotion: Lori Shefa

Vice President, On-air Design: Matt Hernandez

Director, On-Air Promotion: Valerie Dillingham

Design: Brikk

Animation: Anchor Point


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