Three months ago The Penguin took control of the underworld, and The Scarecrow is coming.

Fox’s promo for season four of Gotham further establishes its villains as a young Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) takes the first steps in his journey of becoming Batman.

“I can make a difference in Gotham,” the soon-to-be Caped Crusader says in the minute-long spot.

“It’s dangerous,” Alfred (Sean Pertwee) warns.

Gotham moves to Thursday nights and premieres September 21 on Fox.

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Client: FOX

Spot Title: “Fear”

Agency: The Shop

Creative Director/Owner: Jordan Hayman

Senior Producer: Nick Shakarian

Editor: Chris Ninness

Assistant Editor: Aubrey Byrne

Original Music: Cameron Chambers

SVP, On air Promo & Operations: Scott Edwards

VP Drama, On air Promo: Aaron Goldman


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