As Black History Month gets underway, BET brings to the screen its first ever scripted period drama, American Soul, the untold story of Soul Train.

The series takes place in the early 1970s, while the Vietnam War is raging and many young black men are headed overseas to fight for their country in a controversial conflict that the U.S. would ultimately lose.

Back home, Don Cornelius is creating and launching Soul Train, a show that will eventually take its place in the pantheon of iconic TV series.

BET roots its campaign in the idea that even just believing that you can have the American Dream as a black man or woman is a revolutionary act.

American Soul is executive produced by Jesse Collins Entertainment and Don’s son, Tony Cornelius.

The series premieres Tuesday, Feb. 5 at 9/8 c on BET.

Below are additional spots from the campaign:

Audacity to Dream

Black American Dreaming

Don Cornelius



SVP and Executive Creative Director, Brand Strategy, BETN: Kendrick Reid

VP Creative Director: Adrian Hilton

VP, Design: Josh Pelzek

Creative Director: Allison Caviness

Art Director: Luis Moya

Production Company: Canyon Roads Films/ Traveler Films

Director: Alan Ferguson

Director Project Management: Seida Saidi

Senior Copywriter: Thembisa Mshaka

Production Manager: Hershelle Burton

Writer/Producer: Jo-Well Paupaw

Editor: Ed Trader / Peter Ringer / Brian Guillaudeu

Design/Gfx: Lina Almansa

Audio Mix: Jin Yoon

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