2C Creative and Flipeleven Creative have joined forces to create new digital joint venture, Flip2C.

The new company plays in the space between 2C and Flipeleven’s core competencies, allowing both to benefit from the other’s talents, creating adaptable campaigns that can run across TV, digital and social platforms. Both companies will continue to operate separately as well, coming together for specific projects.

“Long gone are the days when content promotion was limited to a single screen and traditional 30-second spot. Campaigns need to be very fluid, adaptable in myriad forms,” said Chris Sloan, 2C Creative founder and chief creative officer. “Our idea behind Flip2C was to create a digital juggernaut ready and able to go in any direction to realize a client’s goals. We are thrilled by the possibilities Flip2C presents, and we couldn’t have done it with a better partner.”

“Flipeleven was founded on the belief that, when combined, web development and video production create next-level, impactful content. This combination is the epitome of promotion and will revolutionize the way that the world experiences the web,” said Kyle Buckley, partner and executive producer of Flipeleven Creative.

Miami-based 2C Creative first met Milwaukee-based Flipeleven more than two years ago when 2C secured its services to do a web redesign. Immediately, the two realized they had a lot in common and worked well together.

“We had such a great collaboration,” says Sloan. “They were a really great partner and vendor of ours and they exceeded our expectations. As we really got to know them, we felt they were kindred spirits. They had some skills and expertise that we didn’t and likewise on our end.”

“We did more animation on the front end than we had done for other clients,” says Buckley. “Chris trusted us to go nuts and push ourselves to do something that we had done but not at that scale. Both parties ended up really proud of that work, and that formed the foundation of and ongoing relationship.”

Already, Flip2C has created campaigns for multiple clients, including The Weather Company, CNN and Funny or Die.

To promote The Weather Channel’s already popular app, Flip2C created a fun, off-kilter campaign that it adapted to air on national TV as well as Facebook and Snapchat.

“We at 2C had a lot of experience producing promo videos for the Weather Channel,” says Sloan. “It just so happens one of Flip’s core capabilities is they are really strong at this type of social video. They brought some really different thinking and resources to the table.”

The result of the collaboration were impactful TV spots as well as eye-catching, shareable videos hand-crafted for social. Flip2C also produced multiple banners, display ads and a complete webpage takeover for CBSSports.com/golf.

“We had a huge media opportunity and wanted to spark a consumer re-appraisal of what The Weather Channel app means,” said Mark Fredo, executive global creative director at The Weather Company, an IBM business. “Flip2C did an awesome job bringing creativity to bear against the strategy, helping us articulate an expanded, albeit unexpected, brand definition at scale.”

Other campaigns the two companies have already created together include a series of Vines for CNN’s Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown and Facebook and Instagram spots for the season-4 premiere of CNN’s Morgan Spurlock: Inside Man, as well as a case study presentation for Funny or Die.


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